Government & Military

Consolidated Electrical Contractors and Engineers, Inc. has worked on many projects for local, state and federal government agencies.  We have completed projects from smaller municipal renovations to large scale mission critical control facilities for NASA.  We have the skill set and expertise to deliver the what the client needs.


  • Tuscaloosa Airport Taxiway A Lighting Replacements—Tuscaloosa, Alabama
  • Tuscaloosa Airport ATCT Vault Upgrades—Tuscaloosa, Alabama
  • Addition to Fire Station # 2—Dothan, Alabama
  • Enterprise Downtown Street Lighting—Enterprise, Alabama
  • Holmes County Court House Renovations—Bonifay, Florida
  • NASA Payload Spin Test Facility—Cape Kennedy, Florida
  • Orbiter Processing Facility Expansion—Cape Canaveral, Florida
  • USPS Barcode Facility—Charleston, West Virginia
  • USPS Existing Facility Renovations—Charleston, West Virginia
  • West Virginia General Mail Facility—Charleston, West Virginia
  • Test Operation Control Center—Cape Canaveral, Florida
  • Florida General Mail Facility—Panama City, Florida
  • Atlanta Airport Bulk Mail Facility—Atlanta, Georgia


  • 280th Combat Communications Complex—Dothan, Alabama
  • AVUM Helicopter Hanger Knox Field—Fort Rucker, Alabama
  • B-1 Aircraft Hangar—Warner Robbins AFB, Georgia
  • B-1 Bomber Beddown Facility—Warner Robbins AFB, Georgia
  • Comanche Training Facility—Fort Rucker, Alabama
  • Enlisted Barracks—Fort Rucker, Alabama
  • Gunnery Range—Fort Rucker, Alabama
  • Joint Stars ADAL Apron Modifications—Warner Robbins AFB, Georgia
  • Runway Upgrades—Tinker AFB, Oklahoma
  • Bonifay National Guard Armory—Bonifay, Florida
  • Applied Instruction Facility—Eglin AFB, Florida
  • AH-64 Hanger—Fort Rucker, Alabama
  • Hangar 30108 Repair—Fort Rucker, Alabama
  • Hangar 40117 Repair—Fort Rucker, Alabama
  • Hanchey Field Classroom Renovations—Fort Rucker, Alabama
  • Nuclear Power Training Facility—Naval Weapons Station Charleston, Goose Creek, South Carolina