We understand that accidents are prevented through careful planning, training and cooperative efforts in all areas of our operations. Therefore, safety is the responsibility of every employee of Consolidated Electrical Contractors & Engineers, Inc. and is the single focus of our corporate safety team. All work is performed in the safest manner possible consistent with good construction practices.

Construction is a unique industry in terms of safety challenges and advancements. While construction methods and techniques have improved, consistently increasing industry efficiency and productivity, the accident incidence rate for construction continues to be of concern. Direct and indirect job costs for doing business are known to fluctuate in direct proportion to the incidence of accidents. Effective preventive measures must be identified and successfully applied.  

The Management of CECE, Inc. wants to make clear that safety cannot be viewed as a priority, which can be ranked in a vertical order of importance; but must be looked upon as a Core Value. This is inherent in every part of our operation. Furthermore, we believe our most important assets are the people who perform the work, and nothing is more important than providing a safe and healthful environment in which to work. In carrying out this policy it is clear that the only acceptable level of performance is to be “Incident Free” on all of our worksites each and every day. We believe that such performance is achievable with full commitment and diligent effort by each and every employee, from the president of the company to the employees in the field.