Active Minerals International, LLC.

CECE, Inc. is providing onsite electrical maintenance and upgrades for the facilities.


AG Processing Coal Fired Boiler

The Coal Fired Boiler addition is a 27,800 square foot, 206 foot tall boiler house with adjoining bag house, coal crusher house, coal silo and ash silo. CECE has the primary responsibility for the total electrical installation and responsibility for the installation of the instrumentation raceway and wire. The electrical components include a 2,000KVA transformer, a 3,750KVA transformer, a 600KW diesel generator, three 480-volt Motor Control Centers, one 4,160-volt Motor Control Center, assorted small dry type transformers, distribution panels, power feeders to two 1,000HP, 4,160-volt motors, power feeders to numerous 480-volt motors, all plant lighting, and power feeders to numerous other items of peripheral equipment.

AVIM AH-64 Hangar

The FY-11 AVIM AH-64 Hanger is a modified standard design Aviation Maintenance Facility with supporting shop, parts storage, avionics, administrative, restrooms, break, training and conference facilities. This project includes the construction of a 132,000 square foot standalone maintenance facility to service rotary wing aircraft with 16 maintenance bays, a taxiway connector to the existing ramp, and an aircraft parking apron. The hangar will contain maintenance bays equipped with overhead bridge cranes, fire alarm/suppression systems; Ground Service Equipment (GSE) covered parking and integrated mechanical support systems. Project will include building information systems, connection to Energy Monitoring and Control Systems (ECMS), and installation of Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS). 


BASF Catalysts, LLC.

CECE, Inc. is providing onsite electrical maintenance and upgrades for the facilities of BASF.


BASF Corporation

CECE has recently installed a 400 HP air compressor with new switchgear as well as the installation of vibration and temperature monitoring instrumentation on (3) 300 HP mill motors.


Golden Peanut

CECE, Inc. recently completed the new Pelletmill Project at the Golden Peanut Company Hull and Fiber Plant in Headland, AL.  The scope of the project was to upgrade two  existing dual 200HP pelletmills with two single 500HP pelletmills.  This project consisted of furnishing and installing:

·         two 12,470 volt primary feeders

·          two 1500 KVA 12,470-480 volt pad-mount transformers

·          two 3000 amp switchboards

·          secondary feeders to all existing plant MCC’s and low voltage distribution

·          two new 500 HP soft-starts,

·         two new 500HP pelletmill motors.

·         New PLC to monitor the pelletmill motors

·         This plant is a Class II, Div 1 hazardous location.


Kumho Tire

Consolidated Electrical Contractors & Engineers has been awarded the Electrical Distribution Portion for the 1.3 Million square foot Kumho Tire Plant in Macon, Ga., which will produce up to 10 million tires per year for the North America market. Electrical Distribution Portion consist of one 13.6 KV substations, five 7.2KV substations and numerous 480V panelborads to facilitate plant operations. 


Lewis M. Carter Mfg, Co.

CECE, Inc. is currently providing new equipment wiring for LMC.


McLane Distribution Center


This 250,000 square foot facility consists of frozen goods, refrigerated goods, dry goods storage areas as well as a 5,000 square foot office area. Each storage area contains loading stations, conveyer belts, packaging areas and loading decks. The facility also possesses a 10,000 square foot vehicle maintenance shop with vehicle washing building. The electrical installation consists of high bay lighting with Reloc wire system, fire alarm system, control systems, public address system, access control systems and generator.




Port St. Joe Surface Water Treatment Plant

This project is to build the City of Port St. Joe an new fully automated 6 million gallon per day Surface Water Treatment Plant.  The project includes the installation of complete and operational electrical and process instrumentation systems.  We are responsible for all electrical wiring for two clear wells, four clarifiers, a bulk chemical storage area, a 2 million gallon ground storage tank, and various other support facilities.  The electrical line-up includes a 3000 Amp transfer switch, a 3000 Amp switchboard, two 800 Amp motor control centers to be used to control pumps and motors of the plant.  A complete raceway system for the Data Highway Cables and specialty cable systems are to be installed as well as conduit, wiring, and terminations for variable frequency drives, harmonic filters, transformers and power facto correction capacitors.  

Sowega Cotton

CECE, Inc. is providing onsite electrical maintenance and upgrades for the facilities


St. Marks Powder Division of General Dynamics

CECE, Inc. is currently providing onsite support and facility upgrades.