Enterprise High School

Enterprise High School is a 450,000 square ft new construction project. The electrical work on the Enterprise High School involves complete lighting and auxiliary systems for academic building, auditorium, gymnasiums, choral and band, kitchen/dining shops, ROTC, field house and stadium. Auxiliary systems include complete intercom, fire alarm, data, A/V, CCTV, security, etc. Auditorium has a full working stage with performance lighting and associated controls, motorized rigging and complete A/V systems. Site lighting and lighting of seven sports fields are included.


Tallahasee Community College Outdoor Lighting

Tallahassee Community College’s Pat Thomas Boulevard; presently is an unlit thoroughfare, connecting Tallahassee Community College’s main campus to Highway 90. This project consist of an 15KV infrastructure power distribution system, including transformers and switching components, which will provide 227/480 power to Metal Haylide lighting apparatuses, supported by steel poles anchored to pre-cast poles bases, evenly spaced along the .75 mile roadway, providing the needed light for student activities to be carry out safely.