AG Processing Coal Fired Boiler

Location: Hastings, NE
General Contractor: The Haskell Company, Inc.
Architect: The Haskell Company, Inc.
Owner: AG Processing, Inc.
Electrical Contract Amount: $2,872,064

The Coal Fired Boiler addition is a 27,800 square foot, 206 foot tall boiler house with adjoining bag house, coal crusher house, coal silo and ash silo. CECE has the primary responsibility for the total electrical installation and responsibility for the installation of the instrumentation raceway and wire. The electrical components include a 2,000KVA transformer, a 3,750KVA transformer, a 600KW diesel generator, three 480-volt Motor Control Centers, one 4,160-volt Motor Control Center, assorted small dry type transformers, distribution panels, power feeders to two 1,000HP, 4,160-volt motors, power feeders to numerous 480-volt motors, all plant lighting, and power feeders to numerous other items of peripheral equipment.