Golden Peanut

Location: Headland, AL

CECE, Inc. recently completed the new Pelletmill Project at the Golden Peanut Company Hull and Fiber Plant in Headland, AL.  The scope of the project was to upgrade two  existing dual 200HP pelletmills with two single 500HP pelletmills.  This project consisted of furnishing and installing:

·         two 12,470 volt primary feeders

·          two 1500 KVA 12,470-480 volt pad-mount transformers

·          two 3000 amp switchboards

·          secondary feeders to all existing plant MCC’s and low voltage distribution

·          two new 500 HP soft-starts,

·         two new 500HP pelletmill motors.

·         New PLC to monitor the pelletmill motors

·         This plant is a Class II, Div 1 hazardous location.