Vehicle Maintenance Instructional Facility

Location: Fort Benning, Georgia
General Contractor: Carothers Construction, Inc.
Architect: STOA
Owner: U.S. Department of the Army
Electrical Contract Amount: $9,388,041

CECE, Inc. did the electrical design for this project.  This project is to provide a Vehicle Maintenance Instruction Facility for the U.S. Army. This project type is to provide facilities for the purpose of large item operation, tracked and wheeled vehicle maintenance instruction and repair hands on training, complete with sensitive item storage, instruction classrooms, and administrative offices. This facility is a training facility housing 500 students and (80) 63A/USMC Instructors, (32) Master Gunner/Tank Commander instructors and (20) BOLC instructors.  CECE, Inc. developed the 30VDC, 3,000A system installed in the facility to allow the tanks to start.