Design Assist


Another alternative delivery method is “design assist.”   This is a collaborative team-oriented project delivery method which capitalizes on the benefits of early engagement of both Design and Construction Professionals, allowing them to utilize their areas of expertise to work as a team during the design phase of the project. This process allows the team to detect and resolve design challenges and constructability issues long before actual construction.   

Because of the resulting reduction of design discrepancies and costs associated with making changes in the design phase, this process optimizes project cost, value and constructability efficiency, and greatly reduces design related RFI's during the construction process when change is more costly and time delaying.  The overall objective of a Design Assist process is to minimize design and constructability related issues prior to construction, thus maximizing the overall value, speed of construction, and quality of the final product.

When CECE, Inc. is engaged early to provide Design Assistance, our clients experience faster project delivery, elimination of costs caused by inefficient or non-constructable designs, improved design documents, more accurate budget control, and early incorporation of value engineering options.

By having CECE, Inc. participate as part of the team during the design process, construction pre-planning activities are completed earlier than in a traditional design-bid-build delivery method.  The result of CECE, Inc.'s early involvement  has typically resulted in both the design and construction schedules being shortened, allowing for earlier project completion and early owner occupancy which correlates to substantial savings in project costs but more importantly earlier revenue streams and more profit for the owner.